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July 3rd 2010  Siamese Cat society of Scotland show     #

Imperial  Grand  Champion  Abicasa Thegypsybaron

at his first show as a neuter and almost 8 years old was awarded

Premier  Certificate,  Best of  Breed,

 Best Neuter and Best In Show  Siamese  exhibit



Durham County Cat Club Show

Rochvalley Bellothball is now a Champion 


Preston and Blackpool Championship  Show

Billstes Gypsy Moth

was made a Champion

at the same show

 Rochevalley Belleotheball

 gained her 2nd CC and  Best of Breed



Northern Counties Cat Club Show  2009

Rochvalley Belleoftheball CC and best of breed

Billestes Gypsymoth CC and best of breed also Best of Variety  Siamese


Siamese Cat Society Of Scotland 

4th July 2009

Flutterby Fun Time Gal   1st BOB


Rochevalley Belleotheball 

1st BOB Best in show Female Siamese Kitten and Best Overall Siamese Kitten.



Blackpool and Preston Cat Club Show

28th March 2009

Making their debuts  today  were,

Flutterby Fun Time Gal


Rochvelley Belleotheball

both kittens did really well and were awarded   first place and Best of Breed

with Rochvelley Belleotheball  having a red card day, winning first  place in all her classes


Cumberland Cat Club

11th October 2008

was awarded  his  5th Imperial

Pip is  now officially

Imperial Grand Champion Abicasa Thegypsybaron


Northern Counties Cat Club Show

14th September 2008

Grand  Champion Abicasa Thegypsybaron

 Imperial Grand,   CC, Best  of Breed



Edinburgh and East of Scotland  

19th July 2008

Grand Champion Abicasa Thegypsybaron

 Imperial Grand,   CC, Best  of Breed


Siamese Cat Society of Scotland

28th June 2008

Grand Champion Abicasa Thegypsybaron

 Imperial Grand,   CC, Best  of Breed



Merseyside Championship Cat Club

7th June 2008

Grand Champion Abicasa Thegypsybaron

 Imperial Grand,   Best  of Breed  and Best Siamese Adult


Best Of Variety Siamese,



Manchester  Cat Club Championship  Show

3rd May 2008


Grand Champion Abicasa Thegypsybaron

Reserve  Imperial

Grand Challenge

Red Card Day

Best of Variety Siamese Adult

Best in Show  Overall Siamese



Preston and Blackpool Cat Club Championship Show

29th March  2008

Champion Abicasa Thegypsybaron

was awarded his 3rd Grand  Champion Certificate

Pip  will now claim the title of  Grand Champion

a great  day  for  Pip  he had an all red card day, winning every one of his classes


Lancashire Cat Club Championship Show

8th March  2008

Champion Abicasa Thegypsybaron

Pip was awarded

the  CC  and Best of  Breed

then went on to be given 

 Best  of  Variety


Yorkshire Cat Club Show

27th October 2007

Champion Abicasa Thegypsybaron

was awarded,   Reserve Grand Champion

first place and Best  of  Breed

The Grand Champion  title  going today  to  'Pip's son

Grand Champion Simplisiam Smooth  Talker




Champion Abicasa Thegypsybaron

Britains'  First Caramel Champion


Cumberland Cat Club Show

13th October 2007

'Pip  was awarded  1st place,  CC and the Best  of Breed and the Grand Challenge Certificate

also the  accolade of   Best Siamese in Show

 he then went on  to win    Best  Overall in Show









Pip  at the Cumberland Cat Show, photographs  courtesy  of   John and Christine  Duffy



Northern Counties Cat Club Show

8th September

'Pip' was awarded  CC, Best Of Breed and the Grand Challenge Certificate


At  Teeside Show on 25th August Pip got CC,  Best  of  Breed   and Reserve Grand Challenge.


 'Pip's'  Show Critique,  from 'Our Cats' Newspaper

It may have been a long and winding road for the caramels to reach Championship status  but they made it in style with this handsome male as an example.

Very composed and beautifully presented he was the epitome of type.  Perfectly balanced wedge head with balancing width between large ears.  Straight profile, some teeth missing but bite appears to be level and firm chin. Lovely eye shape and set with deep blue colour and languid expression.  Long well proportioned body of stylish type with slim legs and  long whip tail . Good caramel points and a lightly shaded coat which was short smooth and close lying.

 many thanks to his  judge,

 Norma Farnsworth from the Lakeland Show