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Welcome to my new website

My name is Marion Evans and I live in the beautiful Wear Valley in the North of England. I am married to Lloyd who spends most of the year working as a teacher in Wales.

My first Siamese arrived in 1980 and my first venture into showing was in 1982 with a beautiful Seal Point girl called Skidoosh Seashell known to her friends as Twiggy.She was a daughter of Grand Champion Reynards Tarka and inherited his looks and laid back temperament.

She was BIS at her first ever show and I was hooked. Twiggy’s success continued and she very soon became a Champion. In  those days the Grand classes were not split and it took a good girl to take on the entire boys. Twiggy gained 2 Grand Challenges and a reserve Grand then took a break to have kittens. The onset of mammary tumours ended her show career and ultimately her life .Twenty five years later she remains the most special cat I have ever owned.

I have had two prefixes registered with GCCF and my current one is Corrievechan, named after the spectacular Corrievrechan, the third largest whirlpool on the planet.

Sited off the west coast of Scotland  near the isle of Jura it is for most of the year calm and stilluntil the pull of the moon affects the tides and in turn the Corrievrechan which turns into one of the most dangerous and beautiful places on Earth.

The Corrievrechan combines beauty , serenity with an awesome power just like Siamese cats, hence my choice of prefix.

I am the Director of a large busy company so cannot devote as much time as I would like to breeding Siamese but try to breed for health and more importantly temperament. Most of my kittens are sold as pets but one or two have had success in the show world.


copyright of  Marion Evans,  Corrievechan Siamese 2007